We turn art into unforgettable experiences

Join us in a digital voyage through the world of art


A multidisciplinary team for the digitization of art and culture

We are experienced in coding, architecture and design. Joining our forces, honed through years of work in industry and in academia, we can undertake any digitalization project. We want to make art accessible to everyone, by creating unique interactive experiences that can inspire the public.

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vintage fish illustration from rawpixel


Art meets tech

We make digital twins of any object, space, or artifact. We use photogrammetry, modeling, videomaking and web design to make them available to the whole internet.


Our core business is the digitalization of art and sound. We offer digitalization services for objects and places. We insert these digital twins in immersive websites which can be visited from any device, and we create open catalogues that encourage knowledge sharing and promote reuse.
We work with galleries, private collectors and artists to make their works accessible to a wider public, creating interactive experiences that stimalte the senses and promote creativity.
It's not just about art: We use the same digitalization techniques for our functional prototyping service.
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We create immersive experiences that capture the imagination and leave a lastig mark. We create virtual spaces in which we host multimedia multiuser events. Actually they are not just users, they become active participants who choose their own paths.

Thanks to our sound engineering and architectural skills, we offer ever more engaging and accessible experiences. All of our products work on any device, from smartphones to mixed reality headsets.
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Prototypes and simulations

We consult our industry clients to ensure the feasibility and the conformity of products during their development. This includes industrial installations and the procedures for assembling complex machinery, simulating every physical parameter that is related to spatiality, to acoustics and to lighting.

These simulations can also be used for training personnel.
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Videos and documentaries

Our videomaking and documentary filmmaking experience allows us to create high quality audiovisual content.

We made art history documentaries in traditional formats, as well as immersive 360° videos with spatial audio for the Verdi Festivaland for enabling students topick their high school. We can modulte between immediacy and immersion based on the specific requirements of each project.
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Here are some of the immersive experiences we have built
Which one will tickle your fancy?